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Tights Goddess

Alexander the Lost's Unofficial Pennsic War Page


Arms of Valor, Ltd.
Swords, Armour, Axes, Shields, Katanas, and other medieval weapons from history

Dead On Target
Leathergoods, Clothing, and Archery Equipment
Buy Armor, Swords, Maces & All Your
Medieval Gear in our Safe Online Store.

~ Embroidery Designs by Charlotte & Charles Gilmour ~

Renaissance Knight Stationary

Fyne Handmade Armour
Helmets, Body, Hand and Arm, Legs

Moccasins, Boots, Shoes and Sandals
Traditional, historic and primitive designs

Bringing you the finest medieval and
renaissance arms, armor, and apparel

Archers of Ravenwood Clothing, Mugs, Pouches, and Archery Equipment. 



Society for
Creative Anachronism

18 kingdoms, 30,000 members
throughout the Known World

Official Party Directory

Fancy Dress Parties, Halloween, Birthdays 

and Face Painting


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The Ring of Chivalry
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