4 Piece
Peasant Outfit

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A complete peasant outfit including a FREE belt! All items are from our regular catalog selection.

You get:

1. Your choice of a Pirate Shirt or a Nordic Shirt, in your choice of available colors. To see what's available in Pirate Shirts, click here ; for Nordic shirts, click here .

2. Full-length or Knee-length Breeches with a drawstring waist. The full-length breeches feature 1" heavy-duty elastic at the ankle. To see what colors are available, click here .

3. A Reversible Jerkin in your choice of colors. Click here to see what's available.

4. A FREE 2" wide leather belt in black or dark brown with your choice of Nickel (silver) or Brass (gold) "D" ring.

The complete outfit
only $129.95

The Fine Print
*Shirts and Breeches: Size "A" or "B" only;
 size "C" please add $5.00 per item.
*Want your Pirate or Nordic shirt with ruffled cuffs?
Please add $5.00 per shirt.
*Jerkins: Size Small thru XL only;
 sizes 2XL and 3XL please add $5.00 per item.
Lapelled Jerkins: Please add $5.00.


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